We were once again tasked to design a new menu for the Wigwam Dining & Lounge. They are a seasonal business in a National Park and use one menu for the season. We decided to go with a Canada 150 Theme this year to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the founding of Canada. Using Reds and whites and featuring old designs from 1029 to focus on the history of the

We changed the complete design and format for the new menus – allowing for easier changes and to fit in a new menu booklet.  

After a recommendation from Mo Karruze of Hairistocracy, Danceland and The English Pavilion – We have been selected to start the 2017 advertising campaign. After changing the name last year from the Lieutenant Governor’s Winter Festival – we will be tasked with renaming and re-branding the festival in what hopes to be a permanent way! Looking forward to working with all the board and pavilion managers to make this year’s